Friday, October 14, 2011

Brain surgery......on fish?

What do you do when a) you need to do brain surgery b) your subject is about 6 cm long, and c) you are not known for your dexterity i.e shaky hands? I don't know but these are the problems I am facing as I proceed to dissect the brains from my fish. The added pressure is that we have been given only a few of these specimens from a musuem, and they are endangered, so there really is no room for any mistakes.

This video dissecting zebrafish (start at 7:55) highlights how this is done. Through some very good luck I have an undergrad student who has volunteered to help with this project and seems to be a little more of a delicate 'brain surgeon' type. So I am hoping she will come through. We have some test fish and plan to do some dissections today. Fingers crossed!!!!!

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